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Introducing NEW WeightWatchers(R) TurnAround(TM)!

TurnAround is the newest innovation from Weight Watchers. TurnAround incorporates the essentials for successful weight-loss: healthy nutrition, effective calorie control, and livability. You'll learn how to make wise choices, eat healthy, enjoy food, and exercise. With TurnAround, making the positive changes required to lose weight and keep it off is easier than ever. Now, you choose the approach that fits you best: our Flexible POINTS® plan or our New No Counting plan.

You can eat all the foods you love and still stay in control. Each food has a POINTS value based on a special formula. You can eat any food as long as you stay within your POINTS budget. Since nutritious foods are low in POINTS values, the approach guides you to healthier eating strategies. On the Flex Plan, you will enjoy the full range of food options—everything from your favorite chicken marsala to an elaborate dinner buffet. It will be easy for you to manage difficult eating occasions at home, at work, and when you're on-the-road. Learn more about the Flex Plan

How New Flex Points Works For You:

All foods have a POINTS® value. And you are assigned a POINTS Target based on your weight.
You can eat the foods you love as long as you hit your POINTS Target based on your weight.
Earn Activity POINTS by exercising and you can swap them for food.
In addition, you have a reserve of 35 FlexPoints to spend throughout the week, however you like.

What’s Great About Flex Points

Millions have lost weight with Weight Watchers. Flex Points provides a new level of simplicity and flexibility.

With Flex Points, keeping track is easy – no weighing foods and no special foods to buy.

Use your 35 Flex Points when you need to face a food challenge - OR - Choose to not use all of your Flex Points and boost your weight loss.


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Weight Watchers Works

For over 40 years, Weight Watchers has helped millions of people around the world to lose weight! Weight Watchers has always believed that a healthy diet is just one part of long-term weight management.  Weight Watchers provides information, knowledge and motivation to help you make the smart decisions about diet, nutrition and exercise. The diet plan helps you to make healthy eating decisions. Weight Watchers will help you on your journey by helping you make the positive changes required to lose weight.  Weight Watchers offers you a safe, sensible and proven way to lose weight.




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